You can find Trace's written work in other places.


From Getting Down With Getting Off in Shameless Magazine, Fall 2015:

"Those mind-blowing orgasms that you've read about, that rumour you've heard that you'll "just know" - it's all mostly bunk. Orgasms can be great, but there is no prescribed finish line, no right way to have them or right way that they should feel. All of our bodies are radically different, and as long as you're having fun then you're doing absolutely nothing wrong. You have the right to treat yourself exactly as you want to be treated, to love your body exactly as you want to love it."

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From Wild Acts in Guts Magazine, Winter 2014:

"When we choose to defy this premeditated messaging and deconstruct and rebuild our sexual identities in our own name, we are performing a wild act of reclamation. We are progressing, not on a path towards normal but on a path towards bodily self-governance. To choose the sex that we truly want; to learn how to treat our bodies and the bodies of others safely and with consent; to apply to ourselves and others a gentleness that demands nothing but respect: what a radically defiant life project. " 

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Kaleigh also participated in Plenitude Magazine's The Query Project. You can read about her choice queer Can. lit. here


Illustration on the left by the talented Meags Fitzgerald.